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Okay, I was in one of my author groups on Facebook where someone asked for recommendations for interior formatting/layout of print and ebooks. I threw my name in the hat and did what any other person on that thread would do – scoped out the competition. Let me tell you I was less than thrilled – (not because anyone undercut me in pricing – I expect that but I haven’t found anyone who does and offers the same professional level as me) I was livid because an admin of the group recommended a ‘business’ (and I use the term lightly because I couldn’t’ find out who the person or ’employees’ were of this ‘business’) was giving out false and outdated information as well as pricing models based on 2006.

See, 2007 everything changed. KDP launched, indie publishing became a ‘THING’.

No longer did aspiring authors have to rely upon the ‘Big 6’ (it’s 5 now but who is counting)….And suddenly its a gold rush for so-called ‘providers’ of publishing services. Yes, interior layouts used to be $2-$5 per page, but that is before..before Adobe Creative Cloud became a thing…for the record I bought my Adobe Software Package at the cost of $1500.00 for the ‘student’ version – I OWN my software. I don’t have to pay Adobe a monthly ‘fee’ to keep access to my client’s files – and yes that happens. So If on the off chance I go out of business in the next 2 – 18 months, my clients can contact me and I can send the ‘package’ to them and another designer can make changes to my existing files instead of starting from scratch unless that is what the author wants.

But, there were a $-ton of interior layout people still charging ‘before’ pricing

But, there were a $-ton of interior layout people still charging ‘before’ pricing….yes, if someone is charging ‘per-page’ fees for fiction they are charging ‘BEFORE’ KDP fees…why? Well, its simple, *CHA-CHINGA*

Hell, I want cash, need it fact, but I am NOT about hurting my authors and clients

Hell, I want cash, need it fact, but I am NOT about hurting my authors and clientsHell, I want cash, need it fact, but I am NOT about hurting my authors and clients. Most Indie Authors have to budget their outlay from their profit…most are NOT going to see a return of $2.00 – $5.00 on their print editions – ebooks – maybe  … print – nope. That is for signings and die-hards. Basically, their print edition is the wallflower at the dance…something that looks pretty but offers no real return other than a slight ‘whiff’ of greatness. A signed copy is always gonna fetch more at auction – in case you croak and we all die eventually). Ebooks cannot offer that tangible proof that the reader ‘touched or was touched’ by greatness.

Yeah, I have over 3000 ebooks, but ask me how many PRINTS I  still have. I used to have over 5k…now its down to 2k. Shelf space is at a premium…what did I do with my extra prints? My mass-market paperbacks? I sold them to the used bookstore…signed editions get preferential treatment. Yes, now I have extra selves, but what are print books to me? Crack,….print books are my crack… I crack the spine on one and I am in heaven.




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