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Book Bloggers are an amazing resource in the Indie Publishing world. They read, promote, review, collaborate and help authors in a thousand ways. However, finding bloggers that fit an author’s needs isn’t always simple.

Most people have heard of the Book Blogger Yellow Pages, I have used their information tons of time, however even on the most current incarnation of the information there are tons of defunct blogs and even more that haven’t been updated in more than 2 years. Authors need current information, they need to be able to easily search for blogs that accept books in their genre without going through thousands of blogs.

Over on Book Reviews 4 You, they have built a form for bloggers to fill out that asks for everything an author would need:

  • Blog Name
  • Blog Address
  • Link to Request Requirements
  • All Fiction Genres they accept
  • All Non-Fiction Genres they accept
  • Where they post reviews
  • What book formats they accept
  • The average turn around for reading and reviewing books.

This information is then placed in a fully filterable spreadsheet so that authors can easily find blogs/reviewers that fit their specific requirements. For instance, an author needs to find Bloggers who post reviews on Amazon,  read Paranormal and can read and review in 1 month. With the Book Blogger Directory on Book Reviews for You, everything is filterable so its a quick process to find the blogs that fit their needs with just a few clicks of the mouse.


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